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Subject VM202-ALS update release on ALS News Today
Writer ViroMed
Date 2017/09/22

While ViroMed's clinical development of VM202-ALS is well underway, its update has been picked up on ALS News Today.


“First Trial of Potential ALS Gene Therapy VM202 Shows Treatment’s Safety”



Link to the article: Potential ALS Gene Therapy VM202 Seen As Safe in First Clinical Trial


ALS News Today is a daily digital news journal that seeks to give ALS patients and their support systems access to the latest science and research news pertaining to the disease. While there is a great deal of research and development underway for treating ALS, very little news is reported in the health media. ALS News Today seeks to fulfill the unmet need in health reporting by levering our talented group of researchers and journalists to source the latest ALS-related news and present it in a format that patients can easily understand.