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Subject ViroMed to strengthen its global presence with top experts
Writer ViroMed
Date 2017/07/31

ViroMed to strengthen its global presence with top experts
 former US FDA reviewer and phytomedicine expert recently joined

SEOUL, Korea - ViroMed (KOSDAQ 084990), a novel medicine developing biotech company, announced on 28th July that Dr. Jun Tae Park, former US FDA reviewer, and Dr. Miwon Sohn, former Senior Vice President of phytotherapeutics research & development at Dong-A ST have recently joined the company to become part of the enterprise-wide efforts to advance the company’s out-licensing activities and its entry into the global market.

As Vice President, Dr. Park will direct LARA (Licensing and Regulatory Affairs) Unit supervising out-licensing and regulatory issues in order to promote successful licensing and entry into advanced markets.

Until recently, he has served as a reviewer at the US FDA where he worked for over 11 years in charge of reviewing BLA/NDA and conducting scientific research for evaluation of the manufacturing process and product quality assessment for biopharmaceutical products. Before joining the FDA, he worked for Alpha-Beta Technology, Inc. and US Department of Defense (DoD) after he earned his doctorate in 1990 in the US.

Dr. Sohn will serve as Chief of Phytotherapeutics Business Unit after having worked as Head of Pharmaceutical Product Research Laboratories and as Senior Vice President & Head of Research Planning and Management Department, both at Dong-A ST. She is one of the top phytomedicine experts with experiences in phytotherapeutics research and product development, who played a key role in developing mega blockbuster phytomedicines in Korea. She also served as Director of the Global Botanical Drug Development Center by then the Ministry of Knowledge Economy (Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy now) promoting the entry into overseas markets of phytomedicines under development. She is also academically active and has been Adjunct Professor at School of Natural Science, Sangmyung University and School of Pharmacy, SungKyunKwan University in Korea.

 “We expect Dr. Park to provide a direction that is in line with the US FDA for our new drug development process, which encompasses biologics manufacturing, clinical development, product evaluation, and BLA. Together with him, we are expecting to further strengthen our capabilities and boost our potential to successfully license out our technology and get regulatory approval. He has a vast network he obtained while doing his work at the FDA, and it certainly will help enhance our business performance including out-licensing,” ViroMed CEO Yongsoo Kim pointed out with confidence. He went on to say that “with ViroMed’s unparalleled experience in developing phytotherapeutics and Dr. Sohn’s experience in breaking into overseas markets, we will be able to both solidify and diversify our phytotherapeutics business while actively promoting our presence in the global market.” The two top experts are expected to play a critical role for ViroMed making a huge leap forward as a global biotech company.