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Subject ViroMed Builds Team of Experts to Complete New Global Drug Development
Writer ViroMed
Date 2017/11/17

ViroMed Builds Team of Experts to Complete New Global Drug Development

Experts in Pain-Related Clinical Development and Pharmaceutical Marketing Have Joined


Nov 9, 2017 – SEOUL, Korea - ViroMed (KOSDAQ 084990), a biotech company developing novel biologics, announced on November 7th that it has built a global team of experts to add momentum to the global development of VM202 by recruiting Dr. William Schmidt, Dr. Cathryn Carroll, and Dr. Marie-Laure Nevoret.   


Dr. William Schmidt, Ph.D., is now responsible for overseeing ViroMed’s U.S. clinical trials evaluating VM202, a proprietary, DNA-based biopharmaceutical product targeting DPN, PAD and ALS, as Director of the Global Clinical Development Unit. Dr. Schmidt has more than 30 years of experience in developing pain-related medicines with special expertise in clinical studies and regulation. He is also President of NorthStar Consulting, an agency that provides consulting services to pharmaceutical and bioengineering companies around the world on pre-clinical and clinical studies for innovative pain medications. Dr. Schmidt has also served as President at Catalina Pharma, Vice President for clinical development at EicOsis, and Chief Medical Officer at Ensysce Biosciences.

Dr. Marie-Laure Nevoret, MD, is a surgeon and clinical researcher specializing in diabetic periphery neuropathy (DPN), whose role at ViroMed is to support and operate VM202 clinical trials in the U.S with Dr. Schmidt.

Dr. Cathy Carroll, Ph.D., has joined ViroMed’s Strategic Business Development Team to strengthen the team’s capability of global marketing and business development while overseeing VM202’s licensing-out process. Dr. Carroll is leading the company’s global marketing and communication by pursuing a variety of business partnerships and licensing-out while introducing new pipelines and establishing pre-commercialization strategies of VM202 in market entry, pricing, and public and investor relations. With B.S. in Pharmacy, MBA, and Ph.D. in Economics, Dr. Carroll’s expertise spans various fields and disciplines. She worked for a number of companies in the pharmaceutical field, serving as Senior Director for Commercial Consulting and Market Access at Xcenda, Associate Director for Global Health Economics & Outcomes Research at Teva Pharmaceutical, and Director of Pharmacy at Comprehensive Pharmacy Services.   


      ▲ (From left) Dr. William Schmidt,  Dr. Marie-Laure Nevoret,  Dr. Cathy Carrol

ViroMed CEO Yongsoo Kim explained the significance of securing an additional lineup of global experts in clinical development and business development.
“Multinational pharmaceutical companies have multi-faceted strategies to position themselves with a competitive edge in the market, not only by designing clinical development strategies based on FDA regulations, but also conducting pricing analysis and establishing marketing strategies. We have decided that, in order to complete the development of VM202 as a global novel medicine, ViroMed needs a global marketing strategy that takes account of the full range of clinical development, BLA and market launch all together, which is why we have these experts on board."