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Subject ViroMed, Gene Therapy Powerhouse on Global Stage
Writer ViroMed
Date 2017/09/25

ViroMed, Gene Therapy Powerhouse on Global Stage


ViroMed won New Drug R&D Award at 5th Annual Korea New Drug Award (KNDA)


Seoul, Korea ViroMed, a biotech company emerging as an industry leader spearheading the development of gene therapy treatments for chronic and incurable diseases, won on Thursday Sep 29 New Drug R&D Award at 5th Annual Korea New Drug Award (KNDA).


The story of ViroMed first began in the labs of the College of Natural Sciences at Seoul National University in Seoul, Korea. Originally founded under the name of Biomedica Pacific in 1996, the company officially became ViroMed in 1999.


The company went on to establish a name for themselves in 2001 by becoming the first in the country to enter clinical trials for the gene therapy treatment of foot ulcers, ultimately going public in 2005, listed on KOSDAQ via a technology evaluation exemption.

ViroMed’s most promising and representative yield to date is the VM2020 pipeline. A gene therapy medication administered as an intramuscular injection, VM202 is currently being tested for various indications such as diabetic peripheral neuropathy, diabetic non-healing ischemic foot ulcers, critical limb ischemia, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (Lou Gehrig’s Disease), ischemic heart diseases, breast cancer, and thrombocytopenia (low blood platelet count) resulting from chemotherapy.

Phase III clinical trials targeting diabetic peripheral neuropathy, in particular, are currently well underway in the US (243 subjects have been treated as of September 13th 2017).

Until now, most of the medications prescribed for diabetic neuropathy have largely been analgesics aimed for pain relief. VM202, however, helps develop vascular networks and regenerate nerve cells—marking its development with the potential of a new and different medication that may actually treat the fundamental causes of the disease.

The potential of VM202 has already been confirmed by numerous trial results, including those form multiple clinical trials conducted in the US; when compared to existing medications, patients injected with VM202 experienced greater reductions in their pain.  Indeed, development progress across the board continues apace for VM202, including the recent commencement of phase III trial in the US for safety and efficacy in treating diabetic non-healing ischemic foot ulcers.

Yongsoo Kim, CEO, stressed, “VM202 is currently in the late stages of development as a treatment for a variety of chronic diseases. To use it as a treatment for diabetic peripheral neuropathy is just the beginning; our goal is to enter the market with VM202 aiming at a diverse array of indications. Indeed, it is our plan to grow ViroMed into a successful example of Korean biotech company that develops essential treatments, improves quality of life for patients, and, at the same time, achieves true success in the global market.”



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